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Each selected publication will be published on the blog and on our social networks. Guests also have free visibility in our partners section.

The key to success is simple: an interesting text and some photos to illustrate your content (possibly a video).

Accepted topics :

1 – Introduce yourself, your workshop, your products.

2 – Introduce your workshop.

3 – Describe your manufacturing process.

4 – Introduce your manufacturing tools.

5 – Introduce the effectiveness of your creations.

6 – Describe your relationships with your suppliers.

7 – Share your creations sales experiences.

8 – Tell us about your fishing books.

9 – Tell us about what made that today you are passionate about what you do in the world of fishing (a meeting, a reading?…).

10 – Speak about a related event (expo about hand made baits for instance).

We will contact you soon after your sent to let you know the status of your publication (accepted / required modifications / refused).

Looking forward to reading you.

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  • This can be important for visibility.
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Publish your crafty post