As alway it’s best to get the introduction out the way. My Name Kevin Sheridan and the Workshop is KsG Flies which is Newly formed and has a bigger plan in years to come but that’s for another day. Being from Ireland we never to far away from the rain and usually means the Lough and Rivers are never to far away. So growing up a as a young Lad, Sport and Fishing was a daily thing. From Fishing perch, pike and other coarse fish eventually graduate to Wild Brown Trout of the Great Lough Corrib starting with spinning and then the fly fishing where my love for the Brown Trout was found. Here is where i was introduced to Fly Tying by a friend.

First i started tying for myself and as years went on and my catch rate improved other anglers took an interest in my Tying which lead to tying for other anglers. April i went to my good friend Lawrence Finney R.I.P to mentor me for an instructors course and joining G.a.i.a. At this moment in time this is where i’m at, studying techniques and flies and also keeping my eye on what new materials are on the market and also studying Entology which goes hand in hand with fly tying.

Sheelin trout

A Sheelin Beauty Caught. This the Last Trout i brought home and started fishing Catch and Release

My Workshop:

my workshop

The General layout of the Tying Room

my saddles

My Saddles are mostly Whiting and Metz which are probably the best in the world.

Kevin Sheridan workshop

My Storage Boxes: usually contain Deer Hair, CDC, Flash Materials, French & English Partridge and the last 2 boxes as shown below Modern Technology Materials. Inside the storage as seen Chenille and Pearl. Two Materials that are becoming very popular in Ireland. Dubbing Box here can be seen electric dubbing only new to Market, can wait to see the results in the summer.

The Picture Below are the books are the most important books in Irish Fishing especially Flies Of Ireland by Peter O’Reilly and Irish Mayflies by Patsy Deery. Trout from a Boat and Irish Rise by Dennis Moss are two very books. The next book to the Irish Rise on the right is Tying Flies in the Irish Style by E.J Malone is a Excellent book by an Irish Legend in the Fly Tying world.

fishing Irish books


The flies:

As i fish for Wild Brown Trout most of the Patterns are Old Traditional Flies that have been Successful for decades on the Loughs of Ireland. An Example of Flies are Sooty Olives, Bumbles Claret and Golden, Black Pennell, Bibios, Buzzer, Balling Buzzers, Daddlers Claret Green Silver, Duckfly, Murrough, Mosely Mayfly. With Advance Technology also brings new synthetic Materials that i have started to use in my flies and one Material that has taken of is the Pseudo Hackle which is used in Dabblers Mayflies Sedges.

flies selection


Yellow Pseudo Octopus

Yellow Pseudo Octopus

Pseudo Hackle is taking the fishing in Ireland to a different level. Introduce to Ireland by Lawrence Finney R.I.P after chatting to a Scottish Angler who had great success in Scotland. A few hours before i completed this blog i got news of one of my own Yellow Pseudo Dabblers called the Orange Rage had great success for a friend of mine. He had been tested flies for me.

Finney Sheelin Foam Spent

Finney Sheelin Foam Spent

First Designed by Lawrence Finney and i became interested in it i started tying it last year and was tested during the 2015 Mayfly and had Brown Trout of 8Ib. It a Remarkable Fly that can produce a fish when nothing is happening.

Orange Rib Mayfly (wet)

Orange Rib Mayfly (wet)

Another great successful wet mayfly that has proven its worth. Its caught fish in all the great Loughs in Ireland. Was first Designed by Seamus Kelly from Mayo and Director of the famous Kelly Kettle.

The Bibio

The Bibio

An old Pattern and a proven winner.

Claret Bumble

Claret Bumble

Made famous by Kingsmill Moore, a fly that can be fished all year round.

Geter Peter Red Butt

Geter Peter Red Butt

Used for the Green Peter but can be fished for all caddis fishing.

My playground:


Lough Sheelin. Time to relax and take in the beautiful scenery.


Competition Time on Lough Sheelin up to 300 anglers take part in the end of season competition.


Looking upon Goreport Bay, Lynch’s Pt and Bog Bay in the distance. My 19Ft Sheelin Boat and Honda 10hp. This is early October and the water level is low also can be seen is anglers enjoying the great Lough.


I took this picture during the Mayfly and a beautiful Sunset.


Sedge time on Lough Sheelin a flat calm.

A Beautiful Sheelin Trout

A Beautiful Sheelin Trout.

I Hope you enjoy and looking for more information or looking to fish Lough Sheelin just drop me a Message.


Kevin Sheridan




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  1. Peter Donoghue says

    Hi Kevin,

    Just came across this. Very Interesting and I love the fact that you tie “Old Traditional Flies”
    I especial like your ” Finney Sheelin Foam Spent” – I will try contacting you on Facebook with a view to getting a few for next year and give them a go .. :)
    Thank for the great post .. keep up the great work with

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