My friend David, I want to thank you for the invitation to participate in Crafty Anglers website. It bestows much honor upon me to accept this request.

Let me briefly introduce myself first before I tell you what I do. My name is Ademir Romano and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I am not fluent in the English language, and I apologize.

I am new to the rod building world and I have much to offer to those of you, who are interested in learning the art of cross wrap. I have created a page on FaceBook named “Cross Wrap Pattern”, it is a step by step reference for decorative cross wraps. I provide this service for free to you and the rod building community. You can find many downloadable PDF files on this site, along with a list of the groups that I participate in. I also invite you to participate in these groups, if this interests you. These other groups are full of information from fellow rod builders who are willing to help you in the art of building your own custom fishing rod.

Please do not forget to read the rules and polices of these groups before you post, this protects the right that you and others have regarding your work. I hope to see your artwork there as well.

cross wrap 2 ademir romano crafty anglers

Wrapped by Alan Schulze (Owner of Tri State Custom Rods)

cross wrap 3 ademir romano crafty anglers

Wrapped by Alan Schulze (Owner of Tri State Custom Rods)

cross wrap 5 ademir romano crafty anglers

Wrapped by Alan Schulze (Owner of Tri State Custom Rods)


Dropbox is a PDF program that I use to make my patterns available to you, for free to download. Just click the link which is below the image, you will be directed to Dropbox, it may ask you to open an account, close the window and click download, the file will be sent to you, it is not necessary to open an account.

I use a computer and graphic software called Corel Draw, below is a link to a video of the methods that I use to create these free patterns.


cross wrap4

cross wrap 6 ademir romano crafty anglers

cross wrap 7 ademir romano crafty anglers

Examples of step by step


Any pattern may need to be adjusted to the size of the rod blank. So you need to figure out about how many threads are in the pattern and figure out how many mm wide you are going to want it. If you are using size “A” thread, there are generally 5-7 threads per mm so just multiply that times how many threads wide you want the pattern and it will give you an idea of the spacing. Most of the patterns are pretty close to a standard size, some may seem a little small, if so you can add an extra thread to every step and it should work out well. You can also do these patterns in size “D” thread if you choose.

It is with great pleasure that I have been accepted as a designer of patterns in the rod building community. The overwhelming support I have received from the rod building community exceeds my greatest expectations. I greatly enjoy having the opportunity to make new friends in many countries and sharing my knowledge with them. I have never had this kind of an experience in all of my life

Once again thank you all and as I always say, “What matters is not what you have in life, but people who are part of your life.” (William Shakespeare)


I thank you for being a part of this circle of friendship!


Our main philosophy:


cross wrap 8 ademir romano crafty anglers



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  1. Vern Metcalf Jr says

    I just want to tell you what a fantastic service Ademir is providing the rodbuilding community. When he first appeared on the scene, I was totally surprised to see such intricate patterns being offered for free in a step by step manner. Builder’s have paid dearly for some great and (some not so great) books containing sometimes difficult to understand and follow patterns of this type. It is refreshing to see someone like Ademir who honestly believes in sharing his work at no charge. Although there are a few who share such detailed information there are more who are not willing to do so and want to charge you for every thread move and piece of advice they give you. The Rod Building Community needs more folks like Ademir and alot of us could take lessons in basic human decency from him. I know he will continue to grow and become a leading legend in our world of rod addicts. Thank you for publishing his work.

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