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My name is Alexander IDEJNYJ. I will tell you my experience in manufacturing silicone fishing lures from A to Z. Now I want to talk in more detail about the production model of the lure and partially covered form and casting. Copyright and exclusive silicone bait is very easy to make by your own hands at home. All lures configurations can be made with their own hands with a minimal set of tools. All the details are very thin and fragile. Here you need to show character and resilience. Small model baits can be made of different materials. At this point everyone decides for himself. It is made from clay, polymer clay and uses different materials: metal, plastic, wood, silicone. These materials could be all together combined.?

From my experience I would say that fully replicate the insect no sense. This bait is only superficially looks beautiful. And under water it will play very differently.

For myself, I think that the best baits are those you are attractive even in active or passive fishing action.

Model bait may be made of different materials. One of probably the most convenient and simple, available to each of us – this is the usual children’s plasticine. It’s versatile, allowing to produce any model baits without problems and with a minimum set of tools. Just a huge advantage is the elasticity. By forming complex models lures which have a complex geometry. This model is simply removed from the rigid form. It is better to make a match, or a wooden object, that would not damage the form.


Before, molding plasticine model should be lubricated with grease, soap, petroleum jelly, or butter. Slightly covered in plaster molding. It would seem that everything is easy and simple, but I assure you there are many nuances. What to make of this quality to every form of bait needs its own approach. This is for the fact that to make the most of high-quality plaster mold.

Make two-part form. It produces a form very easily. After having filled half a box, you stamp your creature. Once your plaster is dry, it’s time to put the top. Before lubricated it and don’t forget to make simple small drill just several turns in a few places for a better connection in each using.


Plaster mold after drying smeared various resins. I use high-quality polyester resin. It is used in the manufacture of fiberglass boats. Plaster to form better to use the same high quality. Although it can be made of the simplest – the construction, which is sold in hardware store. A few words about casting silicon lures. One of the main conditions – you need to fill it is not very liquid silicone. It should have a kind of thick, then bait you will be perfect – the silicone will not give greater shrinkage. I tried different lubricants to grease the form such as fish oil, vegetable oil, silicone grease. All these make it easy to get the grease silicone bait. Fish oil bait attached edibility and flavor. Also it is possible to add a little silicone. But just do not forget that it is a natural product and it spoils.

In order to be in the winter to prepare and produce a lot of lures for long storage, I use as a lubricant for mold silicone grease. The liquid silicone may be added various additives, attractants, dyes. This will give your bait uniqueness and originality. Edible baits will not be superfluous! Thank you for attention. Sorry for the bad english.


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